What patients should use magnetically controlled restraint belts in psychiatry?

Affected by mental symptoms, psychiatric patients deny that they are ill, and often have behavior such as excitement, impulsiveness, suicide and self-injury, hurting people and property, and uncooperative treatment and nursing. The use of magnetically controlled restraint belts in protective restraint measures is one of the important measures in psychiatric clinical nursing. Treatment, examination and care; limit the disordered behavior of patients to ensure the safety of patients, others and the environment, and ensure the smooth progress of treatment and care.
Restraints are used in psychiatry for the following patients:
1.For newly admitted patients, those who show excitement, agitation, self-injury, wounding and destruction of property.
2.Sudden excitement, agitation, wounding and destruction of property, and fleeing from the door during the treatment.
3.Persons with serious suicide and self-injury behavior.
4.Patients with grand mal seizures.
5.Those who refuse treatment, such as those who do not cooperate with the infusion.
6.Other special circumstances that require restraint at any time.
7.Those who have the risk of escape.