The United States again extended the “mask order” for public transport due to the rebound of the epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention issued a statement on April 13, saying that in view of the rapid spread of subtype BA.2 of COVID-19 Omicron strain in the United States and the rebound of the epidemic, the “mask order” implemented in the public transport system will be extended to May 3.

The current public transport “mask order” in the United States came into effect on February 1 last year. Since then, it has been extended several times to April 18 this year. This time, it will be extended for another 15 days to May 3.

According to this “mask order”, passengers must wear masks when taking public transport in or out of the United States, including planes, boats, trains, subways, buses, taxis and shared cars, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine; Masks must be worn in public transport hub rooms, including airports, stations, railway stations, subway stations, ports, etc.

The CDC said in a statement that the transmission status of subtype BA.2, which has accounted for more than 85% of the new cases in the United States recently. Since the beginning of April, the number of confirmed cases per day in the United States has continued to rise. The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention is assessing the impact of the epidemic situation on hospitalized cases, dead cases, severe cases and other aspects, as well as the pressure on the medical and health system.

Released on: April 24, 2022